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Change up your protein source!

By Elizabeth May, RD

a woman measuring out protein powder

We have all seen the numerous articles on why protein is so integral to our health. Yes, protein is super important as all our cells and tissues are made of protein! It helps keep us full and fueled, regulates many metabolic processes, supports our muscular health and the list goes on and on. However, I find we don’t always include protein because we are tired of protein sources (How many ways can you make chicken?) or because carbs tend to taste better to us. So, if you’re feeling bored with your usual protein choices, it’s time to switch it up! Try roasted chickpeas or roasted edamame, make some egg muffin cups, learn a new way to make chicken (cast iron, maybe?), or swap your usual yogurt for some Greek yogurt.

Perhaps you’ve tried switching things up and that feels like too much effort. If you relate to that, try incorporating protein into your usual meals and snacks in the form of protein powder. Protein powders have come a long way since their original debut and many are now made of very wholesome ingredients. Unflavored protein powders are on the rise in popularity because of their versatility and minimal ingredient list. Unflavored protein powder is a great way to add protein to your meals without detecting the addition. For instance, you could add a scoop to your morning oatmeal or smoothie, sprinkle some on top of your cereal, add a spoonful to your favorite nut butter, or dissolve certain heat stable brands into your coffee or soup. You could also add it to homemade protein cookies or breads. It becomes such an easy way to add protein to your favorite foods with the goal of keeping you fueled and satisfied between meals.

Unflavored protein powder can be found in most stores or online. It is made with almost every diet preference in mind so whether you stick to a plant-based diet or not, you can find one that works for you. If you’re still struggling to prioritize protein, we would love to help. As dietitians, food is our thing! We have many great ideas up our sleeves, just ask! In the meantime, give unflavored protein powder a chance; it just might surprise you!

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